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TKA Methodology: 

Foundation Stage 

Building fundamentals in our keepers, TKA believes our keepers have to have the fundamentals of being a soccer player first, working on the ability to play with feet is so very important to the modern game! Building good habits, over repetitiveness and building muscle memory is key to the foundations of goalkeeping. 

Technical Stage  

Once we build a solid foundation and begin good habits, we start to develop technique continually, through increasing rep speeds, intensity, and the demands of goalkeeping become more game-like. With more game-like situations and decision making coming into play. We focus on keeping every practice game realistic to paint a game like picture for the keepers. 

Game Ready Stage  

With the above foundations and technical development, we focus on our main philosophy, "Creating technically efficient goalkeepers, who are tactically effective in the game". We push the keepers to understand all the possible situations that happen in a game, and recreate those moments throughout practices to challenge their decision making! 



Based in Tempe/ Mesa Arizona






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